23 June - Site Visit

Location: TG MRO Campus

Time: Afternoon, 23 June, 2022

Vision of TG MRO Campus:

“To be “Number One World Class MRO” & the best “On Time, On Cost, On Quality” is a vision of TG MRO Campus and Integrity (First), Service (Before Self) Excellent (in all we do) is also our philosophy. To achieve, our vision by applying our philosophy as mentioned above, our new MRO would be established by having “SMART HANGAR” with a “State-of-the Art technology” in order to rendering the decrease  on time utilizing along with an excellent service by generate the competitive pricing and high quality productive..”. This is our major objective to construct a new MRO at U-Tapao. This project was started as from the 8thMarch 2017 and planned to be ready into service in year 2021.  “TG MRO Campus” was named of this Project. Subject to this project, there are many activities related to the overhaul, modification and maintenance of wide and narrow body aircraft mixed fleet such exterior painting, NDT shop, calibration shop, APU shop, Engine shop, especially logistics which is the main factor for the successful. All the afore-said shops are designed to be located nearby the new SMART HANGAR. Nevertheless, another key issue for being the best MRO which is more significant aspect, is Training Center. The forthcoming of new activities surrounding MRO Campus are obviously leaded to the high demand on the aircraft mechanics people. To solve for such high demand, Training Center is the best solution and seriously recommend to be established as well.

For having all the above activities, the Number One World Class MRO is not beyond our dream. We, Technical Department, have had experience more than 40 years in aircraft maintenance including experience on engine overhaul, component repair and etc. We strongly believe and confident that TG MRO Campus is no doubtful to be succeeded.

(Note: The Vision is provided by THAI Airways to and for the usage of the Organizing Committee of CASEA only.)

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